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Join us to work for a more just and compassionate world, live in intentional community and become a better version of yourself!

Recent Blog Posts

Happies and Crappies
April 25, 2016

Happies and Crappies

Simple living in community and participation in community life are greatly encouraged amongst Cap Corps volunteers and friends alike. This...

Not Just in Flint
March 11, 2016

Not Just in Flint

Many of you have probably heard of the recent issues in Flint, Michigan with the lead and copper poisoning that...

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   Video: Grow into a person you always wanted to be.

Meet the Volunteers

Learn more about our volunteers, the community they live in and the service they provide in Detroit, Milwaukee, Montana

meet the volunteers


We currently have 23 men at various levels of formation, as well as those who are living in resident candidacy. These men differ in age, culture, and have unique vocation stories.



As a Cap Corps candidate, you may have the same questions many have asked as they explore if Cap Corps is right for them


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