Blog Posts from January, 2016

Run Indian Run

2thumb Running in the freezing snow without shoes or a coat, running back to your home that you were taken away from, running with the fear of being shot from behind, running for a better future and for your family- all of these served as motives to the 150 Cheyenne men, women, and children who broke out from Fort Robinson in Nebraska in the winter of 1879. They had [indianrun] been trapped in barracks at this particular fort...
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And It’s Just Beginning

1thumb And It’s Just Beginning It’s New Year’s day. Time is passing. But because I just got back from Philadelphia, missing family but excitedly embracing Milwaukee, my new home and increasingly familiar space, with the sensations tied to emotions that it draws me into and the thoughts about where my calling from God to vocation is leading me, there isn’t much preoccupation with the “new year.” ...

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