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HELLO WORLD!!!!! FROM MONTANA!!!! So far so good. Not that I would have expected any less.

The kitchen has been on fire constant motion. I love the staff. We have so much fun laughing and making jokes.

I've made some friends. Different friends different things. With some I play basketball others we go out. A friend of mine have the funniest card game of all time, and we been playing it for weeks now and the way the game go's it just doesn't get old.

I’ve actually been eating lot of bread. So my body just shut down on me last week. It was an excellent reminder to take care of your body's needs, not just your satisfactions.

I love the elders here. It get saddening hearing their stories and how colonialism really pillages and poachers the natural and spiritual way of life. It's really sad when people who think they’re lending a hand of support are really just killing time. It hurts to see the way certain things affect certain people. It hurts to know that some people cling on to a mistake just because a lot of time has been spent trying to "please" people who suffer because of that "mistake." However that's why I'm here, to find ways to make change to restore the planet to her greatness. But in the meantime I'll enjoy the pleasures of the Mountain. - Romanne

Above is a photo of Romanne and his friends at a Mall


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