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Wallah!!! We made it to the Mountain!!!! Montana a.k.a Big Sky Country. It's a place to be for a dreamer like me. Ever since looking up my ticket price to Milwaukee for Orientation I've received nothing but love and hospitality whether it be from the friars, the community, or my fellow volunteers. Although, for a second I didn't know if I was gonna make it to the Montana.

I had a lot going on back home, but I felt summoned here by the Divine Essence. So I had to come. The first obstacle was getting my shot record updated 2 days before my departure. The second obstacle was clearing my head of things and people I temporarily left behind in order to focus on the building I need to be doing with the people of and in Montana. The third obstacle was actually getting here, but everything worked out. It was a drive to get here from Orientation in Milwaukee, and slightly saddening to say goodbye to the other volunteers and Br. Kent, but we made it.

Upon arriving at St Labre, we met Fr. Larry, the pastor and a smooth gentleman who can cook. He took Susie and I out for something to eat and showed us around Ashland, the town where St. Labre is located. After that we went to our new home. I immediately picked the room with the best vibes.

After we got settled in a couple days later we went into Billings, 2 hours away from Ashland, to pick up another group of volunteers. It's nice to have another group around, just in case I get lonesome. After a few days rest we started our Orientation here at St Labre.

During orientation we met Ivan, a native of the Crow tribe and he invited us to stay in a teepee at his camp during a tribal gathering called Crow Fair. It was straight reminded me of the African World Fest back home in Detroit, just smaller. It was fun sleeping in a teepee again since I haven't gone camping in a long time. I tried to tell scary stories but failed, better luck next time. 

- Romanne


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