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Our Cap Corps Midwest program has ended.

To volunteers, we suggest you explore the following volunteer organizations: 

National faith-based volunteer service databases
Franciscan Service Network
Catholic Volunteer Network

Recommended programs

Capuchin Lay Volunteers for our Missions
Locations: Africa, Asia, and Latin America
Service opportunities: health, education, development projects, and of course, evangelization

Cap Corps East
Locations: Cleveland, OH; Washington DC
Service opportunities: health care, education, social services

Christ the King Service Corps
Location: Detroit
Service opportunities: community organizing, food pantry, homeless youth, community kitchen and garden, social work

Tau Volunteers - School Sisters of St. Francis 
Location: Milwaukee
Service opportunities: education, social work

Mercy Volunteer Corps  
Locations: Detroit, NYC, Philadelphia, Baltimore, Cincinnati, Pittsburgh, Sacramento, San Francisco, Savannah, St. Michaels, Guyana
Service opportunities: healthcare, education, social work, community outreach, advocacy, pastoral care

To benefactors, the Capuchin Friars and their partners in ministry thank you for your prayers and support.

1820 Mt. Elliott St., Detroit, MI 48207 
Phone: 313-579-2100