Servant Leadership

We believe that no matter a person’s position in their family, work, society, we can all be leaders in our own right.  At the bare minimum, we have the ability to decide how to respond to the circumstances in our lives.  We can respond from a place of victim-hood, heroism, and harm creation, or we can respond from a place of servant leadership.  We invite people to step into their own place of power while being conscious of your privilege and making sure that others have space to be servant leaders as well.  We know that we are guests in someone else’s garden and our role there is to lead through example, learning, and change through relationship building and accompaniment.


In the way that you work in your ministry or work location by accompanying the people who participate in the offerings of your work including, but not limited to guests, students, and co-workers.

In the relationships you build with your fellow volunteers, consciously maintaining a balance of self-care and care of your community members in small and large ways (such as washing dishes or sitting with them when they are having a hard day).

By getting to know your neighbors, becoming involved in community based activities, and providing support for the betterment of the lives of the people in your community.