Simple Living In Community

We strive to “live simply so that others may simply live.”  The average American generates about 4.5 pounds of garbage a day.  This equals to a total of approximately 1.35 billion pounds of waste a day by people in the United States.  In addition to physical consumption and waste, we often waste our time, talents, and treasures because we are doing too many things and not able to remain in the present moment.  As a member of Cap Corps Midwest, you have an opportunity to reset. Within the community in your home, you will consciously decide what is really important to keep in your life and to eliminate unnecessary distractions that keep you from being in the present and listening to God.  Consider signing the St. Francis Pledge as a way to start reducing consumption and taking better care of creation today!

Intentional community is choosing to live with the people in your home as a family.  You may not all be best friends, but you will learn to care deeply about each other, struggle and be in conflict, and grow and transform yourself in the process. You are asked to be vulnerable, open to compromise, willing to meet people where they are at, and take care of yourself.  This is often one of the most difficult and most rewarding parts of being in Cap Corps Midwest.

We Live Simple Living In Community:

With all of your basic needs for the year met in the form of housing, transportation, meaningful work, health insurance, spiritual and intellectual growth opportunities, you have the freedom to let go of the things that keep you from being present and to focus on relationships, solidarity, and other ways of living that are important to you.

Through being intentional in building with the people in your home through spending time getting to know each other through your wounds and joys, sharing a meal together once a week, praying and/or reflecting together once a week, meeting with each other, and sharing time with the friars.

By living in the neighborhoods in which we work and getting to know your neighbors and understanding that you are a part of a larger community.

Your whole life is your ministry.  Not just your work or your community of volunteers.  How you live your life everyday, giving generously, loving courageously, and being abundantly compassionate towards yourself and others.