Social Justice

We are committed to becoming a better reflection of the kingdom of God through our decisions and work on deconstructing the many –isms in our society. Experience has shown us that it is the reflection on service that transforms people more than just service alone. During the year, you will be expected to examine and reflect on society and church structures, your personal and family background, and your faith to help you better understand the “big picture” and where you fit into the power relationships that exist within society and between individuals. We will expect you to be honest with yourself and with other people, to be challenged and to challenge other people so we all can become better versions of ourselves.


As a Cap Corps cohort in reflection and action through workshops, group reflections, readings/videos, retreats.

With the volunteers you share a home with and your local coordinators you will explore underlying systemic issues that make the world unjust and ways in which we can bring about change.  Second year volunteers are invited to participate in a more intensive project for social change.

By being intentional in your work and/or ministry to accompany the people who are receiving resources from your organization and the people who work in it to meet people’s immediate needs, participate in sustainability efforts, and to create long lasting change.